Monday, April 9, 2012

The Egg Hunters

"The Easter Bunny came by today and left surprises along the way. Colorful eggs are all around with baskets in hand we search the ground."

After a exciting morning with the Bunny presents, mini egg hunt and church, we changed into comfy clothes and headed over to my Brother and Sister in laws house. My Sister in law is a amazing cook and HER mother flew in from Missouri for the holiday and they cooked together...   so.. the food was AMAZING!!

I am so glad to have such a wonderful extended family. They are kind and generous people that have same morals and values that we grew up with.

So, they are easy to talk to, easy to get along with...  so this family get together was Perfect!

This is Grayson, he is Mandi's nephew and a ham with the camera.

Joshua received a basket from Grayson and his parents, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt.

He got tons of really cool candy and small toys, but of course, Joshua was more interested in Grayson's tiny fire truck and fire house.

Then, he received a second basket from Aunt Mandi and Uncle Ryan. This one had all kinds of goodies too including 2 movies and Lego's!

Then it was time for another egg hunt... you think he would be tired of hunting eggs... but no way!!! These eggs had prizes in every single one of them.. including money. Joshua found about $16 worth of dollar bills and coins.

This is Joshua, Grayson, and a family friend, John, getting ready to hunt.

I believe Joshua got something like 64 eggs... I don't know.. there were so many I lost count... it may have been more. I know Aunt Mandi got over excited and bought like 200 eggs.. but I don't think they all got filled.

She is just preparing for years to come when they have their own children..Sarah and Matt have more........  and John and I have more...

Here is Joshua and his eggs..

Aunt Mandi and Uncle Ryan have a cute little tree swing.. so we took the opportunity to have a mini photo shoot with both of their nephews.

Then we had a confetti egg fight... the only pictures I can seem to find of it though is poor little Grayson, who couldn't figure out what we were doing to him. He was a good sport though.

Finally, it was time to go swimming...

Of course my kid was in the pool first. I think Joshua learned to swim and splash in the water even before he could walk. I am a water/beach baby... and I think he is too...

Uncle Ryan was a good sport and got in the swimming pool to help keep the boys under control... and Grayson above the water.

While they did that... we had dessert... because the good lord knows... it isn't a party without some yummy desserts!!

And finally.. our bellies were full... our hearts felt loved on this special day... and we were just plain out tired from all the activities... it was time to go home.

What a wonderful glorious day! I hope we make this a tradition every year.