Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Easter Party

Today was Joshua's school Easter party. He has been waiting all week for this....


This is how our conversation went every morning...

"Mommy do I get to bring my eggs to school today?"


"But Why?"

"Because your school decided to have it on Thursday."

"But it is Thursday."

Sigh.  "No it's Monday."

Huff. "Mom! I know my days of the week... Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and today is Thursday!! I will go get my eggs."



Rinse. and Repeat.  Every morning until finally.. Thursday was here!! Thank goodness.

He had so much fun though. Here is Joshua and his classmates getting ready to go outside to get the eggs.

(Joshua in purple, Landon in White, Tyler in blue and Ryan in white holding red bucket.)

Finally.. they were let loose....

He got like 23 and 1/2 eggs. Check out this great smile.... 

Then it was time for good food with great friends.

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