Friday, April 27, 2012

Super Cape

I have been very slowly getting ready for Joshua's birthday party in July. I am making a lot of the decorations myself and I have to make at least 24 I have a lot of work in front of me.

My first thing I decided to start on... was the capes... I mean I have to make 24 of them!! So I went to Hobby Lobby in search of some felt. Of course, they didn't have any, so the lady suggested a different material.

I bought a yard and was on my home to make a no-sew cape.

I am going to have to find another material because it is fraying much more than I hoped, but Joshua was in love with his new cape.

Yesterday, we had a fight with the cape... it went a little like this...

Joshua: "I am wearing my cape to school to show my friends."

Me: "No your not."

Joshua: "Yes I am."

Me: "Your teacher will take it away from you, and when she does, you won't get it back.. or worse..  your friends will tear it and I won't be able to fix it, and you just wont have a cape."

Joshua: "I will kick my teacher in the knee."

Me: "EXCUSE ME??  You will do what?  We don't ever hurt anybody and we especially don't kick them in the knees. That's not nice to do to your teacher."

Joshua: "I know, I wasn't REALLY going to do it, but you get too mad."

Me: "Because your talking about kicking a teacher in the knee!!"

Joshua: "No I wasn't. But I am still wearing my cape to school."

Me: "You can wear it in the car. You can go inside the school and show your friends and then you can take it off and I will take it home with me."

Joshua: "No Mom! That is not very cool.. a superhero always needs his cape."

Me: "I honestly don't care ... let's go Super Joshua!"

Joshua: "I'm not Super Joshua!"

So we get in the car, and all the way there he tells me hes wearing his cape and that I am NOT taking it away from him.   ... and I just ignore him.

We get into his class and all his friends run up to him saying things like...
"Are you a super hero?"
"What kind of cape is that?"
"Why are you wearing a cape?"
"Are you Spiderman?"

Of course, the whole time they are doing this, they are pulling on his cape.. which is pulling on Joshua's neck.

Finally Joshua turns to me and says...

"Mom. You can't take my cape home. I don't want my friends to break it."

I smile...

Mom - 324

hahaha... just kidding.. I don't keep score.

Have a Super Weekend!


  1. Cute, Never thought of making a no sew cap though a lot easier. Good luck making your 24 capes!

  2. Good luck making all of those capes! You are a brave mom!