Monday, March 26, 2012

Baseball With Daddy

This weekend Joshua got some baseball pants, cleats and a glove from his cousin Austin, who outgrew all his gear. Joshua was very excited to learn how to play baseball and his daddy was very eager to go outside and toss the ball around like boys do.

Joshua seemed to be a natural at throwing the ball, although he would throw it left handed.

Finally with the glove on, he throws right handed... we might have a future pitcher on our hands.. he throws pretty good on both sides.

Watching his catch was kinda funny. He would shy away from the ball and shriek back like a girl. Guess him and daddy will have to work on this some more.

He had lots of fun though and John was in daddy heaven. I know John has wanted to teach Joshua how to throw a ball since the minute he was cut from my womb. The time is here now, and John is a wonderful daddy to spend the time to teach him.


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