Friday, March 16, 2012

Our First Baseball Game

For two years now, John has wanted to take Joshua to a baseball game. I always told him "no" and explained to him that I just didnt think that Joshua would sit still long enough to watch a game. We would spend $300 on tickets and have to leave 30 minutes into the game... or whenever Joshua ran out of popcorn.

So, we never tested my theory.. until tonight.

Here we are in John's hometown and there is a FREE baseball game tonight.  Yes.. Free. So we decided to test the waters.

And I am so glad we did.... only a few minutes into the game he was climbing up and down the bleachers. Blocking people view's by standing and jumping up and down. And finally.. about 30 minutes into it... he begged to leave....

... man do I know my own child, or what?

I am so glad we went... we got to experience a baseball game, and know that Joshua is too young to take to a professional game. We can try again in a few years.

In the mean time, we did get to see our cousin Austin get a chance at the ball. He swung and made it to first base.  So.. go Austin!! Go Grand Saline!!

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  1. It's always tough in the early years! Now my kids are older and want to go to EVERYTHING!