Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Return Of Daddy

Finally... he is home. After almost 5 weeks of being gone... he has returned.

Yes... Daddy.

I love it when he comes home because... I miss him... and it's so much more fun having  your best friend with you for everything.

I wasn't about to cook that night.. because I would rather spend time with him than cook and have to clean up... so I talked him into taking us out to our favorite place, Monument Inn.

The Seafood pasta is so yummy.. and their crawfish tails were huge! Of course, being the daughter of a crawfish farmer, these were the first things inspected... and they passed with flying colors.  Honestly though, I have NEVER had a bad meal at this restaurant.

Joshua's favorite part? The outdoors.

Just a ferry ride over to this restaurant makes it 20 times more fun. We like to look for dolphins.. although we never see any.

It was a beautiful night indeed.... all because Daddy is home!!

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