Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mr. T. Hawaiian Cowboy

The weekend was filled with celebrations.. lots and lots of birthday parties..  all of them for which my camera stayed in my bag. It stayed in my bag because I wanted to enjoy things for once. Enjoy my family.. talk to them.. watch them laugh and be happy.

The only thing missing of course.. was John. He is still over the ocean making a living for us. I appreciate that very much. He is my hero for being able to do what he does.

But on Sunday... we got up and got dressed for a new day.

Joshua picked out his own clothes... A Hawaiian shirt that goes with matching shorts, but he paired it with Khaki slacks and his cowboy hat. Then, he found his Uncle Ryan's cross and asked if he could wear it. I let him wear it for a while and he was tickled to death about it.

And he asked me to take pictures of him. It's rare that he does this, so I obliged and let my little model do his job. He modeled the heck out of his Mr. T Hawaiian Cowboy look.....

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