Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Comment


The blackberry went off again.

"Who is texting you now?" John asks.

"That is not a text message, that is a email. A text message is when my phone twinkles and sounds like Tinkerbell is coming to visit," I replied trying to set him straight.

"Well whatever," he replied.

I pick up my phone expecting to see some junk mail or possibly a two for one sale at Old Navy... but no...

It was...

One of my most favorite bloggers.

"Oh my god, she knows I exist!"

"What, who?" John was confused.

"The Whispering Writer."

At this point I had to explain to him that when I first started blogging a long time ago there were three blogs that I fell in love with.

1. Quite Contrary
2. Airing my Dirty Laundry, One Sock at A Time
3. Enjoying The Small Things

They are in order of who I found first, second and last.. not my favorite, because I enjoy them all.. Although Quite Contrary is VERY pregnant right now and doesn't have as much time to blog. They are actually all my favorite and I have found many more blogs that I love, but I will never forget clicking FOLLOW on my first three.

But I was in awe... Airing my Dirty Laundry is one of my favorite. She is real. She is funny. I love her title. She is like my Angelina Jolie.. No she isn't famous or has 20 kids, but I love her work.. she is one of my superstars.

For the rest of the day.. every family member I came in contact with.. I had to tell them.. "PSSTTTT.. Guess what? My favorite blogger wrote on my blog." Most of them looked at me like I was crazy... and my Aunt didn't even know what a Blog was.

It was funny, but her one comment made my day, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know it.

So Thank you.. Wispering Writer.. you made my day.. and I love your blog!


  1. Thats soooo awesome. Congrats!!

  2. This was so sweet!! :) I'm flattered!

    If I had 20 kids, I'd be curled up in a ball crying.

    I mean, I have 2 kids and sometimes I feel like curling in a ball and crying.

    And PS. Old Navy rocks.

  3. Haha.. look ^ she posted again. I'm such a dork. =) Ok for real.. I know how you feel, I have one two year old and sometimes I want to cry. I hear the 3's are worse. Fun fun!

  4. Awww Jayme, that's so great!!! *off to go stalk whispering writer now*