Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The School Egg Hunt

This is what Joshua had been waiting for all week.. the Easter egg hunt.

His bucket had been sitting there all week.. and I had fought him all week not to bring his bucket to school.

But.. today was the day... the hunt was on..

Waiting with Savannah and Abigail.. or as he calls her "Babigail."

I got it mom!!!

Here are three more mom!

There are no more left...

I got all the eggs, Mom!

After this.. he threw a fit because I had to leave him as I went on to work.

Later that afternoon, we hunted eggs at home until it was so dark we couldn't see outside. He made me hide the eggs as he peaked out from behind the back door.

He hid the eggs one time... and forgot where he had put some of them.. it was quite funny.

We cannot wait until Easter morning and the big egg hunt!

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