Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Tea Party

It was Tea Time at the Griffin house this weekend. After breakfast and before lunch.. so brunch... the kids had some tea (aka water) and crackers (aka girl scout butter cookies)... It was so funny to watch all three of the little boys with the tiny cups while Hallee served them their tea.

They all giggled and smile.. and asked for more every two seconds. Poor Hallee couldn't quite keep up with them.

Amazingly before we left, Joshua somehow talked Hallee into giving him the tea set. So we are now the proud owners of a pink and green girly tea set. John is so happy that he wants to take his little pink rose suitcase with him everywhere. (Can you tell the sarcasm?) Joshua loves it though.. and mommy and daddy will be have a lot more tea in the future.


  1. That is a cute tea set! Glad Joshua and the other kids had a good time!

  2. lol it is.. but only if it came in blue. =)