Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Fabre Family Egg Hunt

Every year my mother's family has a huge Easter Egg Hunt. There are always three prizes.. Most Eggs, Least Egg and Prize Egg.

Joshua was so excited to see his cousins.. and even more excited to hunt eggs.

Waiting.. no so patiently.

Off he goes...

He kept telling me and John to pick the eggs up. He didn't understand why we couldn't help him. I think he spent more time yelling at us than picking up the eggs.

He was able to get 38 eggs, which qualified him for second place.. but there is no prize for second. Rainey got first place with 52 eggs. I told him.. if he would of stopped yelling at us... but oh well.. maybe next year.

It was fun though and he did not want to give any of his eggs back.

Enjoying a sucker from his cousin.

Happy Easter!

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