Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Crawfish

Yes, my dad is a farmer. I lived on Bauer Ranch most of my life. Growing up, my dad's main source of income was Rice and Crawfish. When he started working for Chevron Chemical, he dropped the Crawfish for a while. Recently, he started working cattle again (his father use to be into cattle) and this year, along with my brother, they decided to bring back the crawfish farm.

This time though.. they went all out! I remember when we were little, we had a sad little small refrigerator truck.. now my dad has a HUGE DiGiorno truck... yes.. he is the pizza delivery guy. NOT!! But he did buy the truck second hand, and it was all they had left. It's very funny though... and they will be painting over it, but Joshua swore up and down that Papa had pizza just waiting for him.

Also, they went from a in ground purging system with home made tanks (I think they had three holding tanks) to a commercial grade one.. with.. well.. lots of holding tanks.

Thanks to my Brother and his girlfriend, we had a wonderful family weekend. They fired up the burner and boiled us some Mud Bugs. They were delicious and HUGE.. some of the biggest crawfish I have seen in years. We had a great time, and it made me really appreciate my brother and Mandi. I know he and I don't always get along (we are brother and sister!!).. but its really nice just to spend time with them. Now if only I could get Mandi to sit down and actually eat.. she is the best hostess ever, and goes 90 to nothing to make sure we have everything.

Joshua and Granna at the new purging tanks.

He was not sure of those things.

Lots of new purging tanks.

You get it mama!


You put it back mama, before it 'peaches' you!

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