Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Toy Story Ice Show

Today, we took Joshua to see Toy Story 3 on Ice. He was excited to go.. and even more excited when we got there and he picked up his souvenirs. He picked out some binoculars, a space gun, a pendant and a shirt. (I swear we don't spoil him.. he is just well loved.)

We sat down and the excitement was even more escalated when Daddy came back with some popcorn. Popcorn makes everything better.

The lights dimmed... and Mikey Mouse came out.

Joshua looked at me and said, "No Mama, I don't want to see him, where is Buzz?"

I had to giggle a little, but assured him that Buzz would be out soon.

The show was good. The first half was a little weird.. it didn't really follow the story. The second half followed the story very closely and was even better than the first half.

However.... the kid in front of us spilled Snow Cone all over Joshua's popcorn and all the food stands had already closed... so there was a breakdown..

We survived it though and barely made it back to the highway before our little Buzz Lightyear loving boy was soundly asleep and snoring.

Here are a lot of pictures from today.


  1. The picture of Joshua sitting on Daddy's lap, he is totally into the show!! Great pictures and wow, the costumes look pretty good.

  2. How fun!!! Did he just have the best time ever??

  3. We did have a lot of fun! Except for the part where the popcorn got ruined. Meltdown city.. haha.. I need a new camera though.. my point and shoot was hating me. =)