Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven On Sundays

1. Feeding the birds.
2. Our new flowers.
3. Butterfly Joshua made at church.
4. New bubble gun.
5. Garfield's favorite spot.
6. The mess in Joshua's room.
7. Mama got herself a new wardrobe!


  1. Ellie loves to feed the birds! Beautiful flowers! Ellie's room also looks like a tornado passed through (got to love kids for that) and YEEEY mama for getting some new clothes!!! Great pics, Jayme!

  2. Thanks! and yea.. the room was a disaster.. not too bad though.. he's done worse. haha. And yes.. I love my new clothes.. I bought like 5 dresses.. do you know how long its been since I have worn dresses??? Like I have 1 or 2 for Church on Sunday... but none that I would wear everyday. I am kind of excited!! haha..

  3. New clothes are always's amazing how wearing somthing new and cute can make you feel so good! :)
    PS- That's a very minor mess in Josh's room. I would consider myself lucky if my kids rooms looked like that even half of the time!

  4. lol Amanda.. it's so nice to know that other people's houses look like mine.. sometimes i get so frustrated.. between toys everywhere, and a husband who drops everything in the entry way.. I find myself pulling hairs out daily.

    and yes girl..I was so excited about the clothes. I went to Ross in Baytown.. I rarely have luck there, but found 5 dresses, 1 Shirt, 1 pair of capris, some undies (which i didn't show because my dad might read this blog and you dont want to see anyways!) and some cute sandals.. all for like $96!! Jackpot! The cardigans came from somewhere else and were more expensive... but worth it.