Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday America

For us, the birthday of America... started with a whole lot of water... and ended with a bang. (and a few people screaming.)

First things first... my mother bought 500 water balloons. It came with this bottle that looked pretty easy to set up and do.. so I volunteered John to work on the balloons while Mom and I baked.

However.. this was not as easy as it seemed. It took about 5 hours and two people to get about 250 balloons filled before we gave up because we couldn't feel our fingers anymore.

But... it was worth it.

The party was held at my Brother and Sister in laws house. She had is decorated so cute. All the small touches really made it feel like you wanted to stand up and sing "God Bless America."

The food was even better. I know I have said it once.. so I am saying it again... my Sister in law can cook!! and apparently so can my brother, because the hamburgers were great!

Bauer Ranch sure knows how to throw a party...

Water slide with cannons... Check!

250 water balloons gone in 4 minutes flat.... Check!

Crafts for the kids... Check!

Bubbles... Check!

Cheers for America.. Check!!!

Fireworks for the Kids... Check!!

Crazy Fun Aunt... Check!!

And the Grand Finale... beautiful fireworks that lit up the sky so perfectly. My dad made great choices this year for fireworks because they were all just so big and beautiful.

Everything was going great... until it wasn't....

John set off a firework and it fell over and went crazy. It shot straight into the crowd of people and everyone went running frantically. Three of the little nieces had minor burns on them that were gone by the time they woke up the following morning.

And John... well he caught one in his 'Misters'.... and is very bruised... 

But we are all alive. We all had a great time. This will be the party talked about for years to come because it was such a success with a surprise firework attack at the end.

Thank you to Mandi and Ryan for hosting the Bauer Ranch Freedom Bash this year!!

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