Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lacking Inspiration

This week has been off and on rainy.. and cloudy.. and just lacking inspiration.

But a 3 year old doesn't think this way. He wants to go a million miles a hour until midnight.. then he passes out and I am allowed to finally go to bed. Unshowered and still in the same clothes I woke up in.... I go to bed. I don't care anymore. Motherhood. Gotta love it.

So since inspiration was lacking within myself.... the boys took over.

We went for a nice bike ride around the block.

We filled a bucket with water... took off our clothes and swam naked....

and when I say "we".. I mean.. Joshua.

Then he cooled off with a "super hero" Popsicle. I am still not sure what makes it "super hero"... kinda looks like a "4th of July" Popsicle to me.

And we brought our toys outside and sat on the porch under the black clouds and waited.. for more rain.

When the clouds finally passed over, Daddy decided its a great day to wash Mommy's car.

And the neighbor kids came over to play.

Everything I served them... Popsicles.. pink lemonade... they claimed as "my favorite" and took graciously. They were so cute!

However much it was lacking in inspiration on my part, John and Joshua made it a great week with lots of activities and great memories.

I love the fact that when my brain decides to shut down.. my boys step in. We are a great family and can always count on each other for fun and laughter.


  1. Such a fun post. You have a lovely family. The pictures scream summer to me. That popsicle was called a Bomb pop when I was little..I loved them. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    1. That's the old name for those popsicles! Thank you! I couldn't think of it the other day. The package called it a superhero pop and had a fake superman on the front. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope your having a wonderful summer as well.