Monday, July 2, 2012


I woke up this weekend rubbing my eyes and tired as anyone could be. At this point I was wishing we drank coffee around here. My body craved a pick me up. My son... was up at 5am.. on a Saturday. The ONLY day we can really sleep in, and the 3 year old wants to party to the tune of Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Thankfully, he fell back asleep, and I did too.. for a hour or so.

Waking up a little more refreshed and recharged. (Yes a power nap for a hour can do that.) I was ready to start the weekend. Ready to blow up the pool.. ready to drag out the BBQ pit.

I have been craving some BBQ Chicken for a week now. And then.. the thunder came... and I decided the chicken had to wait. The pool had to wait.

Again, I find myself sitting there with a bowl of Applejacks and pondering what fun things I was going to come up today. I had the entire weekend planned out, but mother nature had other ideas. Could the answer be as simple as baking cookies and reading a book snuggled up on the couch? For me, it is. For a 3 year old... that doesn't sound too fun.

So what is it that I plan to do today with the precious time I have been given with my son?

Then I think.. why do I have to make the decisions?

So I let him decide what games to play.

And he cheats... by covering up the top so no one else can get butterflies.

And he cheats .. by picking up all the butterflies on the floor.

But we let him cheat. Because these are the moments that make us laugh. Make us smile. These are the moments that we don't plan.. but the moments that are the most real.

Like... it's very real that after a month of working on his name. He can spell it without help. We are proud of him. Proud of this precious moment.

We didn't plan on it, but in a moments notice, Joshua was asking for his rain gear and running outside to jump puddles and sing in the rain. And we rolled with it.. unplanned.

The biggest surprise of all today, and probably the ONLY decision I made, was to bring out the Playdough.

Any Mother knows about Playdough. It's the devil. Seriously. My cousins and I have a running joke that if you get Playdough from one of us... you must of done something wrong and THAT is your punishment.

It is punishment because it gets everywhere. All over the floor, table, walls, windows, clothes, hair, seat....   you get the idea. Fun for kids. Nightmares for mothers.

But today... I rolled with it. I sat there and pretend ate my Spaghetti and Hot Dog meal, while making "yummy" noises and applauding Joshua on what a great chef he was.

It was spontaneous. It was unplanned. It was real.

and this picture is real too... yes... something I would never show you.. but this weekend we are going all out. Enjoying the moments. Frizzy hair, unplucked eyebrows.. and all...

The biggest surprise of the day though? Joshua can dance. Breakdance.

I don't know where he gets the moves because I can't dance... and his Dad dances like Carlton from the TV show Fresh Prince.

But this boy.. has some moves.

His favorite song from Madagascar came on, "Move it, Move it." We played it over and over for almost a hour while he dance. Which 'kinda' got annoying, but I was hoping would tire him out enough to go to bed early.

This weekend was great and taught me that I don't always have to plan. That each day can be unorganized and chaotic.... but be one the best days of your life.

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