Thursday, July 5, 2012


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When I was in Junior High and High School, I was such a prankster. I was the person that stole the dead fish from the biology lab and put them in freshman's lockers. I toilet papered lots of yards. When the auditorium got flooded one time... well........

I actually have a whole list of things that I could tell you, but most of them.... I was never caught.. and I am going to keep it that way... because small towns... they hold stuff like that against you, and your children.. and your children's children.

So my lips are zipped.

I have not really played too many pranks since high school when I got caught writing stuff all over the bathroom walls... you know.....  "For a Good Time Call: (insert persons number you don't like here).   Yes.... I was caught ...   and I had to clean all the bathrooms... and I had detention for two weeks, got my car taken away, my phone, no TV, no food, no water...  you know.. the usual.

Kidding about the food and water, but when you are 17 and your car, phone and TV get taken away... your dying.. or so you think so.

Needless to say... I was dying and I vowed to never be a 'bad' girl again.

In my grownup age.. there were a few pranks here and there... but nothing that is so "pee in your pants funny" or would even interest you....

But... if I could play a prank today... (and not get caught).. these would be my top 3.

1. Buy 1435642 forks and stick them in my neighbors lawn. I never liked her anyways. It might be fun to TP her yard while I am at it.  (Yes... I'm know I am not 10 years old anymore.. but it still sounds like fun...)

2. My husband is obsessed with his weight. If there was some way to adjust our scale to make him freak out.. it would be totally funny. But, we have one of those fancy smancy scales that even knows your blood type and where your birth marks are located.... yours doesn't do that? Run out and get one today.. kidding..

3. This is for all the chain email senders... I wish I could design a program that when you send 20 people a chain email.... you automatically get 20 responses saying "I don't care!" ... That way your inbox fills up with trash instead of mine.

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