Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lowe's Spinning Panda

Today was another free Lowe's workshop day.. and it marks the first day of me doing this whole shindig by myself. John is off in the deep blue again working.. (praise the lord!) ...after a two month hiatus from work, we really need this.

Anyway, I was scared because John is the builder in the family. Me?  I've made a few things... but normally I make them by myself where I can concentrate and have no children around me. So.. I was a little nervous how this was going to go.

It went great though! Joshua was so good, he listened to all my instructions. He did all the hammering by himself. I only hammer to secure the nails in place. He even put the sticker on by himself... which is why there is a tear on it, but I helped him fixed it.

Honestly.. we did better than I thought, and now I am excited to go back in two weeks for the next project.

Thank you Lowe's for these workshops, its been a really great bonding and building experience for me and my family.

The project in pictures:

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