Thursday, July 5, 2012

Selling The House

Some of you may already know.. but we are selling our house.

I can't tell you where we are moving because it's classified and the government says that if we tell you where we are going we have to pay back that $10 million and move from the island.... oh darn... you know to look for us on a island. Oh well.

Seriously though.. I wish I could tell you.. and when the deal closes, I will. For now though, my lips are sealed. And just so you know.. it has nothing to do with the government and everything to do with a great house for sale at a great price. I am stingy and don't want to share my information... for now.

Our house will be on the market this week though and in preparation for the big day, (You know when we get to put the For Sale sign in our yard) we are doing a LOT of this....

Well.. I should clarify before I get into trouble...

My HUSBAND is doing a lot of this..

And little man is just helping out.. until he gets bored and want to play with his toys.

So if you come visit me anytime soon.. be warned... (and don't sue me).. when you trip over these...

or fall face first into one of these....(Don't laugh.. but I almost did.) (Ok.. laugh a little.)

And if you are a clean freak.. please come help this man out....

But.. only come help if you have OCD.

I can't help him because ...

1. I have terrible allergies and masks don't really help.

B. There is no B.

3. Even if I did help.. I don't do it right and he would go behind me and clean again.

So for now, I am in charge of entertaining Joshua.. and John is in charge of getting this house ready to sale!!

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