Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selling The House

So John spent almost a entire week painting our house.. making repairs.. recaulking...  (Caulking is a funny word.. I can't type it without giggling.) 

And I decluttered .. packed stuff... and sent it all to storage.

To get ready for the real estate agent.

The big day was finally here and we couldn't wait for her to arrive. She was 10 minutes late and John and I sat on the couch and stared out the door waiting as cars drove by... and we took turns running to the window to look for her.

She finally gets here and tours our house. Says it looks great. We only need to stretch the hallway carpet.... but that it should be a great shower for those looking for a new house.

Then we talk numbers... and everything went downhill from here. I blame Obama.  haha.

In order for us to sell our house we would have to take a hit. OK... we knew that. We expected that. What we did not expect was a $21,000 hit. Honestly in our minds, we were thinking $10,000 which is still a big hit, but when your dream house is sitting and waiting for you...... that we were willing to lose.

But not 21K... that's a car!

So here we sit. With our starter house. We are going to refinance and work on paying it down faster. I have no idea what is going to happen to the other house. The other house is a private buy and they were willing to wait for however long we needed... but this may take too long.

So... I need to learn to my house for a little longer.

And in the spirit of fresh paint and decluttering... and I took every picture down in this house.... I wanted to show you what the pictures would look like if we were able to list the house.


Living Room:
(minus the kid and the toys.. it was taking him too long to clean up and move.)

Dining Room:
(Can you spot the hidden cat?)

1st Bedroom:
(Was being used as a office/toy room, but I sent all the toys to storage.)

2nd Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:

Master Bedroom:
(I was too lazy to put back all our decrotive pillows.)

Master Bathroom:

And there you have it... any private buyers out there?

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