Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Christmas Books

Every Christmas, we get at least one new holiday book to add to our collection. I think we went a little overboard this year and ended up with 3 of them.

The first one is called 'Ten on the Sled' and it was a favorite of Joshua's because his teacher read it to him in class. It's a cute book that teaches counting skills and was bought at his school's scholastic fundraiser.

Joshua loves little people, so when I was browsing at Marshalls and came across this book... I had to pick it up! This is one of his new favorites because it has flaps that you can lift with surprises. Very cute book!!

The last one is 'Angelina Ballerina'.  I don't know why he wanted this one, but she seems to be a favorite cartoon of his, so when were in the Christmas store in Fredericksburg, he couldn't pass this one up.

So there we are.. the Christmas books of 2011.

Pretty soon we are going to have a whole library of Christmas books.

I love traditions.

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