Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fabre Family Christmas

My mother's side of the family is HUGE.. like really big. Our family parties are rarely less than 75-100 people because I have that many cousins. I love coming from a big family though. Growing up I spent every weekend with my cousins. They became my best friends and still today we continue to hold those relationships close to our hearts. Today though, we gathered to celebrate a special day.. The annual Fabre Cajun Christmas.

The food was good. Santa came and brought goody bags. We read the Cajun night before Christmas, and we played a white elephant game. It was great to see some family members that I don't see often.

Joshua favorite part?  The presents of course!!

A Spiderman from the Taylor family.

A Giant floor puzzle from the Holst family.

And a Shrek Mobigo game from the Holst family.

A instrument set from the Davis family.

Which, I will say that payback is coming. That recorder thing is getting on my nerves. It's loud and whiney.

And Mom got a award for always changing the toilet paper rolls at Aunt Lucy's house and complaining about it. Mom says that her toilet paper would never get changed if she didn't go to visit her.  Inside joke between sisters I guess.

And our visit with Santa.. where he begged him for a train table....   I don't understand this though, he already has a big train table... 

Merry Christmas Fabre Family!

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