Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Ornaments


I want to carry on many of them.

Every year we each get to pick out one new ornament, and if we catch a good sale... a few good ornaments.

Here are the winners for this year that earned the honor of going home with us to adorn our tree.

The reindeer riding a 4 wheeler.
John picked this out for Joshua at the Christmas store in Fredericksburg.. and of course.. Joshua loved it.

The Aquarium
We purchased this one when we went to eat breakfast with Santa.

The Snowflake
Joshua made this at school. Glitter is now all over our house.

Garfield the cat.
Ok.. it was the only Orange cat one left... but its cute!!

For John and I because we have been through a lot together. Sometimes were really rough, and I believe faith is what kept us going. Our faith in each other has brought us together and although our relationship still isn't perfect, its because of our faith that we are in the great place we are today.

Log Cabin.
This one is my favorite because its a memento of the log cabin that we stayed in on vacation in Fredericksburg.

July 2008 Ornament exchange.
More on this to come.

There you have it.. our ornaments for this year. Our tree is beautiful and I am loving all the new additions. Pretty soon.. we are going to need a bigger tree just to show them all off.

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  1. I love the reindeer HA, that's cute!
    I love hearing how every ones ornaments have a meaning behind them.