Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Year Resolutions, Did we meet them?

Did we meet our 2011 resolutions?  Lets review....

Here are our Resolutions for 2011:

1. Blog more. It's easy. It's fun! - CHECK!! 244 posts... 245 with this one!!
2. Catch up on scrapbooking. Preserve memories! - Failed - where did the time go?
3. Lose 40lbs. - I lost 30. Gained 20. Lost 15 more.  ummm... I am still trying. I have gone down almost 2 dress sizes.. ok 1 size.. but with the help of spanx... 2 dress sizes!.. haha..

1. Go to Church more. - We are still working on this. Since we live in a town that neither of us grew up in.. we are still trying to find a church home. The one we have been going to is ok.. I love the preacher, but I just don't feel the love.. ya know?

1. Listen to Mommy and Daddy. - ummm... hahahahahahaha.. all I can do is laugh.
2. He "might" pick up more toys. haha. - he IS getting better about this one. He will pick them up if you help him, or if you threaten to throw them all away. ..... I am a mean mommy.

Not too bad. Can't wait to make new ones!

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