Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chick-Fil-A Gingerbread House

We went to Chick Fil A because ..
1. I was too lazy to cook and 2. We heard Santa Cow was going to be there.

Cow was there, along with Santa elf, and Joshua told them Hi, but he was more interested in the house craft they had set up. All the kids were painting and coloring Gingerbread houses and he wanted in the action. So, for two hours he sat there and painted and colored.

It was two of the most quiet hours of his life.

He was so interested in the house... the "bird house" as he calls it.

And this is what the house ended up looking like...

There are windows on the roof, and a gingerbread man hanging upside down. I have no idea how that cristmas tree or that wreath got up there, but that is where he decided it should go. When he was putting on the stickers, I had to fight back every instict I had to say, "Joshua that doesn't go there," but I didn't say it. I let him create his own masterpiece.

And years from now.. we will laugh about how cute it is. 

Plus.. the house doesn't have a chimney, so if you think about it Santa needs windows on the roof so that he can get inside.  Genius!!  My kid is crazy Genius!!  Love it!

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