Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Outside Lights

This year, our outside lights were the first to go up. Joshua was so excited because this is his favorite part... OK.. well putting up Thomas is his favorite part.. he loves his Choo-Choo's.

So every year, we add something new to our display of lights.

This year we added another strand of Candy canes to go in front of the flower bed, a extra large candy cane (which you can see to the left of the snowman), and rope lights which are around our 3 columns.

I think it looks beautiful... but I am partial.

John keeps hoping we win the Griswold award, but I think we need a ton more lights... and our lights are too pretty for the Griswold award. We have just white.. classic.. simple lights.  To me.. the Griswold award should go to some crazy person that has just lights thrown up everywhere.

But, without further ado, here is this years lights display....

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  1. I already miss our outdoor lights that we used to decorate our garden last Christmas. I need to wait for a few months before I can see these lights again.