Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Craft

I saw this on Pinterest.. but cannot remember where.. I'm terrible.. I need a better system of keeping up with things. Organization for the new year.. that needs to be my focus!! 

However, for now we are focusing on the holiday and Joshua and I wanted to make something for the bathroom, so we decided to make paper pinwheels.  

The first thing we did is chose some paper and cut them into 3 inch strips.

Then, we took the strip and folded it back and forth like a accordian.

Then you take the strip and tape or hot glue one end to the other end, which makes something that looks like a paper lamp.

Then you flatten out the lamp so that the paper looks more like a circle pinwheel.

Then I used a paper punch to punch out a circle for the middle.  Joshua and i decided what work we wanted to put on the decoration and I had some letter stickers in my stash that I added on.

I hot glued the centers on and then hot glued strings to the top because I wanted to hang them from some bulbs in the bathroom.

Then Joshua wanted to play with the punch, so we decided to make a paper garland to go along with our new sign. This was so easy to make and I think I will be using it througout the year for other holiday decorations. And the best part??  It was free to make! I had all the supplies in my home office.

Happy Holidays! and Joy to all!!


  1. Super cute progects! I love making those pinwheel/flowers. The garland looks fun too.

  2. Cute! And I'm sure it was fun to make together!! That's part of what makes the holidays so special... making memories together!