Saturday, December 24, 2011

Preparing for Santa

Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the house.
We were running around just trying to get things done...
in preparation for the long beautiful day that was to come...

One of our biggest traditions is to make a birthday cake for Jesus... I mean.. he is the reason for the season!! And my grandmother did this with us when we were little, so I figured I would carry on the tradition with Joshua.  And of course he was more than happy to help out.

His attempts at icing the cake were too funny. He just didn't get the concept, but he tried as hard as he could.

I wrote Happy Birthday Jesus and attempted to make some Holly leaves in the corner.. and then Joshua covered it all by dumping putting sprinkles all over the cake.

It was perfect!

Next up was the Reindeer food. This was given to him by his teacher at school. Apparently reindeer like to eats oaks dusted with glitter.

He had to place the bowl out on the lawn, because he said that is where the reindeer will land.

Up next was preparing for the big man himself..  Cookies and Milk!!

And off to bed... patiently waiting for Santa.

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