Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hunting at Bauer Ranch

When John saw this hunting outfit.. he just had to have it!!  For his son of course! But this year has been very busy with John's new job and my Mom's cancer.. we just haven't found the time to go hunting out on the ranch. So, when it was 'kinda' cool one morning, John dressed Joshua up in his sweatsuit hunting gear.

See the recorder he got the night before. I guess he was using it to hunt birds.. or scare the poop outta them.

And I have to say that this kids obsession with rocks is ridiculous. I mean these are just gravel rocks brought in by the truckload so that it makes it easier for tractors to get to the back fields. To Joshua, they are the crowned jewels. He finds them, he collects them, he puts them in his pockets and I wash them.

Then they really sparkle.. Ha!

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