Thursday, December 15, 2011

PreSchool Christmas Party

Joshua's Christmas party at school was pretty low key this year. In fact, I was the ONLY parent to show up. I just don't get that. I know some of the other parents work there in town, and they could take a hour off. It just seems like now days parents don't care to participate anymore.

Since no other parents showed it, I tried to help out Ms. Carrie and Ms. Iesha the best I could. Joshua was not happy about this. He wanted me to be right by his side the whole time.

Can you see his enthusiasm??


Well check out his icing fangs in the next picture.

He's Christmas Dracula... Wahaha...  

Then it was time to exchange gifts... all the kids sat in a circle and waited patiently for their gifts.

Sadly, they did not understand the exchanging of gifts and they all cried because they wanted 'the one that their mommy wrapped.' It was so funny because they were fighting each other and mad because they wanted the one from their house!

Once we opened our gift and saw it was a super hero book .. we were all Okay!

Joshua and his good friend Landon reading their books.

Charlie's Superhero Underpants... where Charlie loses his underpants and is on a mission to find them. Joshua thinks this is the funniest book ever!


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