Monday, December 19, 2011

Tons of Leaves

I begged for a Autumn this year.. and I think someone is playing a joke because its suppose to be winter, but it looks like Fall. Our leaves are falling.... more than they have ever fallen before. We have lived here for almost 5 years and I have never seen our tree so bare. We have never needed a rake, but I am going to have to go buy one.   Leaves, Leaves, everywhere!!

Joshua wanted to make a pile of leaves so that he could jump in them just like he sees in the movies, so he grabbed a bag and started putting them in.

Then he realized that was going to take too much time, so he just started throwing them everywhere.

After a few more tries to get the leaves in a bag, he offically gave up and said he was tired. Plus it started to rain....  so we went it.   

I got my Autumn in Winter.

Now I am wishing for SNOW!!!

Think I will get it this Spring???


  1. I don't mind a dusting of snow. I just don't want a lot of it since I have to drive in it :/

  2. You at least have a chance since your farther north than me.. and I will ask for snow on a day that you can sit home, drink hot chocolate and read a good book. =) lol. That is what I want for myself anyways. Last time I went to OK it was crazy snowing and people were drifting left and right in their cars... even if they were driving really slow. Scary!!